Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Partying Like it's 1999

We've been having a week long party with Tracie's parents while they are here waiting for Becky's volleyball camp at the UofC to end. Today, after the volleyball camp we went to Fish Creek to swim in the Lake and have a bonfire.

The hotdogs were good, but apparently I have completely forgotten how to cook a marshmallow. I dropped the first two on the ground. I said, "Oh Hell" after the second one hit the ground and I get the feeling that Tracie's mom wasn't pleased with my choice of words, but she pretended not to notice which was nice of her.

She reads this blog, so I'm not to sure how she will react to this post. I get the feeling that she won't be mad though.

Any time my own mother or Tracie's mom get mad at me in the future, I think I will threaten to move far away and have a baby. A fate worse than death in both of their minds. I know that if conversation ever turns to us thinking about going somewhere for Tracie to do travel nursing, the first thing either mother says is, "I don't want my grandkids to live so far away." As if there are grandkids that I have but don't actually know about. Or as if I'll have them in the next 3 months, which is the amount of time we would be gone. If there is a kid in the next 3 months it will be a big surprise to me, that's for sure.

Anyway, I read an article about how devious little kids are yesterday. It basically related an account of how a kid asked his uncle if he could play with a certain toy. The uncle said yes. The kid then wanted the uncle to take the toy away from another kid so that the first kid could play with it. The comments about the story boiled down to about three different groups. First people too selfish to have kids, second people suffering buyers remorse who try to justify having kids to everyone, and third people who genuinely love having kids.

Fortunately for the grandmothers, right now I view myself as being a future member of group three.

-Gary Milner

PS- what part of the alphabet would look like without the letters Q and R.

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