Sunday, August 15, 2004

Super Size Me

Tracie and I saw the documentary Super Size Me yesterday. As far as activist documentaries go, I give it two fat thumbs up.

The show has a simple premise. It follows one man's goal of not eating anything except for things that can be purchased at McDonalds for 30 days. It's has humorous moments, and it doesn't seem to use statistics too dishonestly.

There is an interview with the lawyer of the two girls who sued McDonalds for "making them fat". When asked why they were suing, the lawyer said, "You mean other than money?"

The protagonist gains 10lbs in the first 10 days, then another 15 over the next 20 days. He ate three meals a day, but he wouldn't super size anything unless they asked him if he wanted to. Over the course of 30 days, he was only asked to super size nine times. The first time he super sized his meal, he vomitted from eating too much food. I vomitted from eating too much once, and almost again on another occasion. Let me tell you, it's not nice vomitting because you have eaten too much. You do feel a lot better afterwards though.

Mainly the movie consisted of interesting facts about the food, and the things that it was doing to his body. For example the only things with no sugar at all on the entire menu were, fries, diet coke, and McNuggets.

They interviewed a guy that had eaten over 19000 Big Macs. That's alotta Big Macs.

-Gary Milner

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