Tuesday, August 31, 2004

The Test Is Back, I have A Personality!

Personal Orientation Profile -System V Page 1

Personal Strengths/Career Needs
In Terms of Enterprising vs Support Role Possibilities
You would be described as extremely competitive, enterprising, assertive, aggressive, tough minded, determined and goal oriented- You may display new and creative ways to reach your personal and work objectives and you will be self-evaluative and sometimes critical of your own performance. Given an aim, objective or requirement, you would be able to develop your own plan, manage your time and focus your effort on a daily basis to reach your goals. Being a self-manager should come very naturally to you and these skills should be refined through formal training and/or on-the-job experience.

In Terms of Your Style & Strength of Various Motivations
You would be described as being motivated primarily by a genuine concern for the well being and needs of others. People would see you as quite calm, steady, unhurried, predictable, stable and cooperative. Given an opportunity to focus your efforts on the achievement of some meaningful and perhaps demanding, long term 'people-oriented' goals, you could become a very loyal, dependable and dedicated member of the team delivering the product or service. Generally your motivational pattern will produce the greatest personal satisfaction and your best performance in positions requiring ongoing commitment to goals that you feel have real merit in alleviating the distress or adding to the quality of life of the people who receive the results of your efforts.

In Terms of Your Independence vs Your Need to Be in the 'Team'
You would work best and with the greatest satisfaction in a group of people who are like you in their strong commitment to the 'team'. You would enjoy the kind of technical, intellectual and personal interactions that come with working in a close-knit team. You would accept supervision but would also like to co-direct the group on some projects or in some parts of the job.

In Terms of Your Orientation Towards the 'People' Side of Business
You would be described as extremely sociable, entertaining, cheerful, genial and outgoing. In addition to being a fluent talker, you would be comfortable with new people, value social interaction and make new friends easily. Generally, you would be a good company representative and have the ability to communicate with a wide variety of people in a number of different functions. Being extremely sociable could make you somewhat sensitive to rejection.

In Terms of Your Orientation Towards Technical & Practical Concerns
You are extremely logical, reflective, analytical, factual and very practical. You enjoy things that challenge your capacity to learn. For the sake of interest as well as necessity, you will become an expert in things that intrigue and challenge you. You like to be creative and conceptual. You would enjoy solving intellectual challenges by thoroughly investigating the facts and data associated with a particular problem. Others may interpret your introspective and self-controlled behavior sometimes as being aloof and preoccupied.

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