Tuesday, August 17, 2004

The Borelympics

I've be watching the Olympics on the CBC for the last little while, and I must say that I find them to be quite boring. I can't belive the quantity of made up sports they. Syncronised diving? Give me a break.

There are 29 sports, but almost all of those sports have several different categories. Aquatics for example has: Swimming - Diving - Synchronized Swimming - Water polo. Diving has both individual and syncronised.

My main complaint is that the CBC seems to be showing 99% advertisements and the rest repeats of the worst sports ever. The worst is the events where the judges decide who wins. At least handball, has a scoring system.

To make the olympics better, get rid of the events that are scored on artistic merit. That way we could keep the amazing feats of strenth in gymnastics but loose the dancing parts.

Get rid of the current announcers. Have only one exathlete announcer per sport, and have actual announcers do most of the announcing. I realize that some sports (especially the ones that don't involve being the strongest, fastest or jump higherest, are completely incomprhensible to most people (see syncronised diving), but, ex-athletes are not good announcers. There just isn't a big enough pool of ex-athletes to be able to find good announers in every sport.

Last but not least, quit making such a big deal about playing through the pain. Hundreds, if not thousands of people do it everyday. Sure the guy fell of the highbar, yesterday. I'm sure that's probably not the first time he fell off the bar. It won't be the last time he falls of the bar, and it happen yesterday. He's fine really.

I recomend to all olympic athletes to let it slip to the announcers that you are seriously injured. They'll make a really big deal about you on TV back home. Ian Thorpe, tell someone you have a broken arm, but can wear a cast because it would come off in the water.

"Thorpe is just the most amazing athlete ever. He has a broken arm and he is still leading every event that he enters. Just spectacular!"

An unaccredited and unidentified
Canadian diver sends love message to his wife.

I can't understand why they aren't showing this clip repeatedly on the CBC. I'm going to try to find video of it on the Internet.

-Gary Milner

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