Thursday, August 26, 2004

Girl With A Pearl Earring, Didn't Make Me Hurl, Didn't Make Me Sing

We rented Girl With A Perl Earing. It was ok, kind of slow, though. There wasn't much dialogue, but the cinematography and music were quite good.

When it comes right down to it, it was on the boring side of kind of slow. I don't know if I can really recommend this movie to people who aren't in to Art or art movies.

In other news, I have volunteered my services to a non-profit organization called, Highbanks-Independent Living for Parenting Youth Society.

The mission of Highbanks is to provide individual family unit accomodation and support services for young mothers (16 - 24 years) and their children. The society promotes education and self-development while fostering peer support and a sense of community.

They want me to design them a website, as well as make a database to track various groups that interact with the organization. I'm pretty excited. I think that it will work out quite well for them as well as myself. They will get a professionally designed website, as well as a top of the line database.

Apparently it is quite hard for NPO's to get tech savvy volunteers. I think that it is simply a matter of knowing where to look. I'm sure that the MGIS club at the university could supply a ton of volunteers.

-Gary Milner

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