Saturday, July 17, 2004


This week is Calgary's one hot week of the year.  We've been in the high 20's and low 30's for the last couple of days.  It makes me glad to know that our car has AC.
One of the best things about summer is going into a 7/11 on a day when the weather is in the 30's.  The blast of cold air as you go through the door and the smell of all the candy and hotdogs is definitely one of the best summer things.  Nothing beats a Dr. Pepper Big Gulp or a Grape Slurpee, two of nature's perfect flavours.
In any case, few people in Calgary have air conditioned houses, because the really hot weather only lasts a week or two.  Tracie and I are among the people who don't have it.  Last night it was too hot for us in our upstairs bed room, so we took the mattress from our spare bed into the crawlspace under our living room.  It's the coolest place in our house.  Sleeping in the bat cave is really fun, too.  It's pitch black under there except for the flashing LEDs on my adsl modem, and even that only gives enough light to see the dim reflection off the heating ducts and shine on the plastic that covers the insulation.  We'll be staying there again tonight.  It's a good thing that we won't be having overnight company until August.
-Gary Milner,  Sleeps in the Batcave

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