Saturday, July 03, 2004

Building a Garage

Tracie and I came to Medicine Hat to help her Dad build the garage package that he got from Totem. All her Dad's brothers came to town to help him as well as a few nephews and their wives, and their kids.

We framed, sheeted, and put the roof on in one day. This morning we shigled and put the windows in. Shingling went very fast we did the whole roof in about three hours.

I was very impressed with how the whole project turned out. Wolfgang directed the building, and they didn't even look at the directions. When Ralph told him that the kit came with an instructional video about builing the garage, Wolf told him to throw it in the garbage. What makes it even more impressive is that the kit people send exactly enough wood to build the garage and not one toothpick more.

Tracie's uncle Wolfgang is a framer and brought his nailguns, and I learned how to operate them. After shooting only three nails, I could see that it would be worth it to buy a nailgun, even if you had to buy a new one for every single project that you did.

In any case my hammer arm is really sore from shingling, because we didn't have an nailgun for roofing nails, and even if we had, nailguns are fast, but really heavy.

-Gary Milner, expert garage builder.

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