Saturday, July 10, 2004

Stampede Parade

Tracie and I didn't go to the Calgary Stampede Parade Friday morning. I figured that it was going to rain. It didn't rain, and I regret not going to see the parade. I wish that we would have.

We want to go to the stampede grounds, but those blood sucking cowboys want $11.00 to get in.

I watched parts of it on TV, but it just isn't the same as a real, live, parade. We didn't get to go to the parade in Raymond on the first either. It looks like I won't be seeing any parades at all this year.

So after three years in Calgary, I have yet to attend the stampede. It's like I'm not doing my civic duty as a Calgaryian. I probably won't even wear jeans throughout the entire stampede week, unless it gets cold.

In other news, I'm pitching a movie starring Kevin Costner and Brad Pitt. It's called "Dances With Vampires". Costner Plays a drunken civil war soldier who gets sent out west to man an army outpost. Brad Pitt plays a gentleman rancher from Europe who, by night, is a vampire who attacks small Indian villages to feed on his victims. The natives retaliate against the white men. Costner must kill the vampire before the government sends in the army to exterminate the local tribe. Canadian Actor, Graham Greene, plays the tragic native. Greene will either sacrifice himself to kill the vampire or sacrifice himself saving Costner from the vampire. The script isn't really set in stone. In any case Greene will be killed somehow during the movie.

-Gary Milner, Movie Producer

Ps. Tracie convinced my to shave my head.

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