Saturday, July 10, 2004

Free Stuff

Gary and I rented a video tonight. We bought that $20 summer coupon pack from Blockbuster, the one where you get coupons for free videos or 2 for 1 videos. It's pretty good. There are also 4 coupons for free popcorn. Apparently tommorow is the last day they're selling them. We're debating whether or not to buy another one. We probably won't.

We rented "Who is Cletis Tout?". Don't rent it. It's not good. But it was free. I'm not sure that makes it worth it, but at least we didn't spend our own money. Unless you consider that the coupon cost us money in the first place.

We got home with the movie, only to realise we couldn't get it out of the case. They forgot to take the anti-theft plastic thing off. Gary tried to open it with pliers, but only broke off part of the plastic. When we took it back to the store, they appologized and gave us some credit towards another video rental.

I love free stuff.

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