Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Balloon Popping

I've been getting a few hits because of the balloon thing I posted before.  Here is a quote I found from a site about being a "Looner" (somebody who loves balloons).

"Because I am a straight male, all of my experience with balloons in relationships has to do with women.  It can be terribly frustrating to have a girlfriend that doesn't like balloons or doesn't want to do any balloon stuff with you.  I have always made it a point to introduce balloons into the relationship very early on to see if balloons were going to be a problem or not.  I have had mostly success with introducing balloon stuff to girlfriends, but I did have a couple of noteworthy failures.
A good first step is to give her a balloon bouquet.  You can generally tell whether or not she likes balloons from how she reacts to that.  To see how she handles popping balloons, try giving her a "love letter" or some type of small gift that is inside an inflated balloon.  This way you can observe how she handles popping.  You should continue doing more and more things that involve balloons.  Use your imagination. The general attitude I saw was that looning was a bit odd, but it is fun too.  Don't feel bad if it doesn't work out introducing balloons to a girlfriend.  Just find a new girlfriend."

-Gary Milner

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