Sunday, July 18, 2004

Garage Sales 2.0

Today on our way home from church, I wanted to stop by a garage sale that we went to yesterday to see if they still had their risk game.  I really was starting to regret not getting it the first time.  As luck would have it, their garage sale was open for business today.  My streak of luck continued as I found that not only did they still have their risk game, but that they were giving it away for free.  I would have paid $2.00 for it, but I got it for free!
On my way back to the car, we noticed that they were giving away a desk too.  We went home for lunch but, upon thinking it over, we decided that the only thing we needed to make our lives complete was to have a free desk, strip it and revarnish it.  So we walked back over there and brought the desk home.
How's that for a deal?
-Gary Milner

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