Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Get Out of the Way

A year or two ago, I was in the sporting goods section of Wal-Mart when I heard a guy tell his two sons to get out of the man's way. I figured if the two boys were in the way, that I probably was too so I looked behind myself to see which way I should move to get out of the way. It turns out that I was the man, and the kids were in my way.

Yesterday, I was at the A&W by the ketchup pumps when two boys raced over to get the ketchup before their mom had even ordered. Their mom snapped at them and told them to get out of the Lady's way. It turns out that the Lady was my little sister, Jackie. I wanted to tell the mom, "She's no lady." But since Jackie and her husband (mostly Jackie) are having a baby in about two months I figured she deserved to have bratty kids get out of her way at least once in the next 18 years.

Visiting Jackie made me wish that I could go to Medicine Hat with her. She has a lot to talk about and is pretty fun.

-Gary Milner

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