Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Balloon Popping

I have been interested in doing some high speed photography. Taking pictures of balloons popping like the one below, for example.

I actually went so far as to email an inquiry to a person who sells kits to make sound activated flash triggers. Basically it would set off a camera flash when the balloon makes the popping noise.

Time passes, several years actually. I did a search for "Balloon Popping Photos". The results were quite interesting. The second result was the The BalloonGirls
Video Catalog
. Here is an ad for one of the videos. Please ignore the fact that they misspell inflatable twice.

"Ashley's Balloons"

This is Ashley's first "Big Balloon" video. She starts the party with some of her own mouse ear balloons, inflating them, and gradually moving on to some big rounds, zeps and even a worker or two... she uses a hand pump on the workers. She surrounds herself with the balloons, her costume changes, she does some gum bubbles, and some surprise popping of unlucky balloons. She then sits in her inflatible chair and blows up some big rounds by mouth... then teases us with some popping. Ashley gets a 4 foot Asian balloon attached to her hand pump, then goes to town on pumping it up, she wants to see just how big she can make this balloon go, and she is amazed when it gets nearly as big as her... but she keeps pumping away until the big boom... She also does some sit popping, riding on a big worker, and stomping, and gives us some close up bubbles from her inflatible seat. She ends the video by popping all the surviving balloons with her high heels. Ashley is very sexy, and this video will be an enjoyable addition to anyone's collection.... enjoy!

I like peanut butter, I like chocolate, and I love Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. I like popping balloons, I like girls, I even like videos, but videos of girls popping balloons? In an effort to be more open minded, I'm just going to go to bed and giggle to myself quietly.

-Gary Milner,

Ps. I'm going to get Tracie to pop some balloons for me tomorrow. Never judge a person till you walk a mile in their shoes, I always say.

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