Sunday, July 30, 2006

In The Wake

Tracie and I had a great trip all around Alberta this week. We went to see my sister's family for a couple of days. Eric and Ryker are looking really great! They are so much fun to play with.

We brought Ryker a couple of presents and he loved all of them. He has so many toys already, I was worried that they would just get mixed in with the rest.

After staying with Jackie and Glen for a few days, we went down to Raymond for Tracie's Cousin's baby's birthday party. We stayed in Raymond for a few days and had a really good visit with Tracie's grandparents. We showed them a good portion of the photos and they wanted to hear all about our trip.

We picked raspberries, choke cherries, and apples at their house. It was a pretty big job, and there is still plenty of picking left to do. I'm sure that we could get at least three times the amount that we did, if we were to go again.

Kelcey was sad to see us go, but we assured her that we would be passing through again in a little while when we go to Cardston to see Tracie's other grandparents.

-Gary Milner

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