Sunday, July 09, 2006

Camel Train to Ein Gev

Today, Sunday, we left Jerusalem and took a bus to Tiberius, and then another bus to Ein Gev. It was very nice to see the countryside. There was beautiful scenery most of the way!

The bus system is great, and it was exciting to manage on our own without a tour or tour guide. The second bus ride driver dropped us at the wrong stop in Ein Gev, but we got some help from the real kibbutz--they gave us a ride the one mile back to the Holiday Kibbutz.

The weather is unbelievably hot, but the fellow who gave us the ride back the mile to the Holiday Kibbutz said it is the normal temperature. Luckily for us, this hotel is wonderfully airconditioned, and it has cold water for the taking, and a little fridge in the room. Not like our previous three star hotel located right in the center of Jerusalem. The location was the best thing about that room, and the desk clerk who wanted to be our tour guide. He was very nice!!

We're still enjoying ourselves, but we're getting very tired. We have to have an afternoon nap every day, and we are up very early in the morning. That's okay!


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