Tuesday, July 18, 2006

G'day Canada!

Welcome Home
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After a very long couple of flights, we're back in Canadia. It's only been one day but so far things are really good.

My parents picked us up at close to one am after our Air Canada flight was delayed by about an hour and a half and we drove straight to Medicine Hat sine they both had to work the next day. Thanks mom and dad.

After sleeping in most of the day, I finally woke up around 3pm to my sweet little niece yelling "Open the door". She wasn't talking at all when I left so it's very fun to have complete conversations with her. I took her on a long walk this afternoon and we saw beavers and spiders and a train, and she didn't stop talking the whole way.

I went and saw my sister Megan's new kitchen since they won the $50,000 dream kitchen makeover. It looks stunning. I'm so happy for them. They showed me the video that Chat 6 & 3 made and it showed the whole process which was really good.

My first impressions are this:

-Canadians don't think they have accents but they do. Thick ones. They sound wonderful to me. Comfortable and relaxed...every last one.

-The sun stays out late. It was around 8 or 9 pm when I went for a walk and the sun was still way up in the sky. I had forgotten that. It felt like mid afternoon. The sun in Sydney was fully set at 5 pm during winter, and even in summer 8 was about the latest it stayed out.

-Sandflies suck. I already knew that but I had mostly forgotten about them.

-Driving back on the right side of the road will take a bit of getting used to.

-Everything else seems about as I remembered it. It doesn't even feel like a year has passed. I feel like I just went on vacation for2 weeks and came back.

-I'm very tired, but it's nothing the right drugs won't fix ;)


Jeff said...

Better living through polypharmacy intervention.

Could I intrest you in anesthesia school??

Tracie said...

Not right now.