Sunday, July 09, 2006

Our trip to the dead sea and jerico

We were befriended by a guy that works at the Jerusalem Tower where we have been staying. His name is Samir and he is a Palistinian so he wanted to show us East Jerusalem and take us to Jerico. We hadn''t been planning to go there but we thought this would be a good oppurtunity. He lives on the east slope of the mount of olives with his parents.His parents are wealthy so they had a mansion of a house that looked like a million dollars . There was a knockout view from his house of the valley leading to the dead sea. Ironicaly the neighborhood around his house was quite unkempt. He was embarrassed by that. He was a very polite and cordial host and gave us mint tea to drink which seems to be a palistinian national drink. I'll tell about the dead sea and Jerico later because people are waiting to use this computer.

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