Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Back in Medicine Hat

We made it back to Medicine Hat early yesterday morning. It hasn't really changed all that much, which is great because it is all so familiar to me.

I rode a bike across the city with my sister-in-law Becky. It was a really good time. I haven't seen so many pickup trucks with one or more dogs in the back in a long time and don't get me started on all the mullets!

It's awesome! Hillbillies everywhere!

I feel so at home.

Megan and Dann's daughter Eva is cuter than ever. She is almost three now and can talk. She warmed up to Tracie and me right away. Later in the evening when I got to their house, Eva had a blanket over her head, pretending to be a ghost chasing Tracie. Eva has a great imagination.

It is so good to be home.


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