Thursday, July 06, 2006

We're Parked on the Second Level of the Itchy Lot

Tokyo has the flattest cars in the entire world. No one knows why. I'm sure it will spawn a government study.

Tracie and I made it to Tokyo just fine. The flight to Singapore was good and so was the flight here. Finding the hostel was a bit of an ordeal. It was nice in Singapore that we had already been there once. It is a lot easier if you know where you are going. The worst thing about finding our hostel is that Tracie and I seem to work at different speeds, and Tracie likes to go a lot faster than I do. I find that it takes me a little longer than her to get my bearings in such a crowded city not to mention the sensory overload.

I just can't see people in uniforms of differing importance levels fast enough. I'm amazed at how many people seem to speak enough English for us to get by. It seems that most of the numbers are written the same as back home, or at least in both systems so we can at least see how much things cost even if we don't know what they are.

We went to the national museum earlier and didn't even see the whole thing. The place is huge. Their stuff is old too. They had heaps of stuff that was over 3000 years old. Interesting stuff.

I also played a little pachenko. I don't really know what happened, but towards the end, something good must have happened only for me to screw it up. Tracie only told me after that I had drawn the attention of three other seemingly hardcore players that were sitting near me. I wish I would have had more help I could have won some small prizes with my ball bearings. I guess I'll explain pachenko a litttle later.



Jon said...

I never understood and never got to play pachenko when I was there.

The scary guys chain smoking in front the machines kind of kept me away.

Make sure to play the drum game while you are there. It is kind of neat to watch.

Jeff Milner said...

Are you allowed to take pictures in the Pachenko places? If not, take some from the outside - I never took any pachenko photos myself and it's probably a lot easier to explain with a visual aid.

gary said...

We did take some, they might not be uploaded yet.