Friday, July 07, 2006

Going To Market

Tokyo is nice. It is a lot like Hong Kong, only cleaner, more organized and seems as if laws are more strictly enforce here. There are also significantly more bicycles here. That's one thing that surprised me about Hong Kong, there were a lot less bikes than I had imagined there to be.

This morning Tracie and I headed down to see the imperial palace and walk around downtown. We went to the Sony showroom and looked around at their various products. I saw a camera that played MP3's and came to the conclusion that a lot of the inventions that I have in my head actually get built in Japan but never make it to north america. Anything that has memory and micro chips should be able to play mp3s.

Tracie pointed a phone/mouse to use with your computer with skype or other voip company. She really was impressed with it.

We also walked down to the world's largest fish market to buy some whale blubber, but by then it was already pushing 1:00pm and so the market had mostly been shut down and everything that wasn't already gone was being put away.

We went to the park beside the fish market where another one of my preconceived notions was dashed. It cost 300yen each to get in, and they were really in desperate need of a lawn mower. For my whole life I thought that every single park/garden in Japan was so meticulously maintained that they had people cutting the grass with scissors to attain the highest level of perfection.


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