Saturday, July 15, 2006

I'm A Fan of Your Work

Tracie and I went down to Tokyo to do some souvenir shopping. I saw a department store with these fans hanging and went in to take a photo and was quickly accosted by the photo nazi who made it clear there wasn't to be any picture taking inside the store. It's a good thing too, because I was actually casing the fan department for a robbery.

We didn't find much by way of souvenirs but we did find a few good postcards. We've been slowly writing to people for the last few hours. Unfortunately we will see all the people in Canada that we are writing to before they get the cards.

Our time in Japan has just flown by. It is weird how I feel that we've been here a long time, but a really short time just the same. I'm excited to be coming home.

I really can't wait to show everyone my photos, although I should probably choose a bunch of photos to show rather than just go through them all. Several thousand is to many to show.

-Gary Milner

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Jackie Hutchinson said...

I bet the "photo nazi" doesn't want photos taken so that you'll have to buy one if you want to remember them from your trip.