Friday, July 07, 2006

Dome of the Rock

We are enjoying our trip. We are tired. We arrived in Jerusalem July 4th about 2:30 and we went exploring the old city. Came home about 5:30 and slept until 10 and went out. Things are exciting here on Ben Yehuda street.
Today we did lots of touring beginning just after breakfast at our hotel at 7. We saw everything we had on our agenda, and it was lots. Someone volunteered to be our guide and for $20 he spent a couple of hours with us. That was pretty good. We saw Schindler's grave, the St Peter's of Galapagos church/shrine etc. WE went through the Damascus gate and walked through the old city through all four quadrants. A couple of shop owners took us up onto the rooftop to view the Dome of the Rock and other sites. I took lots of pictures too... too many, and I won't know what they are of when I get home.
We are enjoying ourselves and wish we had more energy. It's cool here at night, and hot in the days. I got a sunburn on the face and shoulders, but it looks good on me.


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