Saturday, July 01, 2006

Happy Canda Day

Go The Swans !
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Happy Canada day to all you Canadians out there. July 1st is over now in Sydney but it must just be begining for those of you back home.

I wore red and white today to honour the occasion. Although most Canada days for me have been spent with my family in the tiny town of Raymond, Alberta, this year that was obviously out of the question. Instead Gary and I went for a stroll in the city during the day and then saw a brilliant game of footy at the Sydney Cricket Grounds in the evening. No fireworks but a great day none the less.

July first is the anniversary of our engagement as well as Gary's sister Jackie's wedding anniversary. It must be three years now for them I think. Happy anniversary guys.

In other news a black cat crossed my path on my way home from work two days ago. It was night time and as I was walking past the race course it just darted out from the bushes right in front of me. I'm not usually very superstitious but I really felt an impending sense of doom at the time and I've been waiting for the axe to drop ever since. Which for me begs the question - how soon after the black cat crosses your path until the bad luck comes? or better yet how long before any bad luck that comes your way is just considered random bad luck and can no longer be attributed to the cat ?

Well I'm off to bed. It's my last day of work in the land down under in the morning.


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