Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Becky the Model

The other day, I did a photoshoot with my sister-in-law Becky. I was doing a back to school theme so that I can have time to upload them for the graphic designers to do their projects before it is actually time to go back to school.

Becky is a good looking model, I only wish I was better a helping the models that work with me pose. I just have no idea. I really need to work on it, because although some portraits make good stock photos, you really need to have the models doing something.

I did a fashion shoot for a feature on 'fashion' for the Gauntlet, but being inexperienced myself and having inexperienced models hampered how good I could have made the photos.

I just realised that it is August first, hopefully it isn't too late already. Being August I have another month of success at istockphoto to report. July was my best month ever. I had 63 downloads over 31 days, I have 67 photos available for download, and 30 photos waiting for inspection. I have another 30+ photos to upload as soon as my upload limit is reset in a few days. I made $24.60 which is more than double the previous four months combined. I had my single highest day of downloads with seven and I also reached 105 total downloads.

I also was emailed a link to where one of my photos was used, http://arthritis.about.com/b/a/257354.htm This was the first use of my stock photos that I have encountered. It was nice of about.com to email me the link.

I'm so pleased with the photos I did of Beck, that I'm sure that August with be another istock best month ever if they sell even half as well as the photos of Tracie.

-Gary Milner, Stock Photographer

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