Wednesday, May 31, 2006

What Will I Do For Four Days

Tracie went to Melbourne.

I couldn't go.

This sucks big time.

Can anyone recommend a movie to rent? A comedy would be best or something with nudity*.


* female nudity only please


Tracie said...

How about Striptease ?


gary said...

I've heard that striptease has nudity and is funny because it takes itself so seriously.

Jeff said...

Demi Moore is highly over rated in her acting as well as her physical "talents".

gary said...

Maybe showgirls would be better.

Jeff Milner said...

I liked Much Ado About Nothing. It's got a massive group shower scene at the very beginning of the movie and it's quite a funny story. However, be warned, perhaps the nudity is too tasteful for your particular needs.

Jeff Milner said...

Oh and may not be restricted to female nudity only - I forgot about that stipulation.

gary said...

What could be wrong with a taste full of nudity?