Thursday, May 25, 2006

Memories of when I was young

The quote of the day on google today is ---"when your eight years old nothing is ever any of your business." This reminded me of the way it was in my family when I was eight. Nothing was any of my business either but in my case this never changed as I got older. To be absolutely fair though I have to admit that they didn't consider what 'I' did any of 'their' business either unless it somehow interfered with their delicate sensibilities and required a reprimand of some sort. I've made the mistake of complaining about my parents from time to time and I've been told by people older and wiser than me that my parents raised me the "the best they knew how." Well ---finding out that my parents were just natural born buttheads didn't make me feel any better but what could I do but pretend that it did. Are you still awake? hey!

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