Sunday, May 28, 2006

Tracie the Model

I did some photos of Tracie for the stock agency the other day. I took over a hundred photos of her in her various nursing uniforms from all of her agencies. Then the next day we went down to the apartment building's pool and did a series that look like this, with Tracie sticking her head over the edge of the pool.

I uploaded the stock photos to the agency yesterday, and I'm just waiting to see if they get approved. I get the feeling that most of them will, especially the nursing ones because medical publications have a high demand for stock images.

I'm up to 11 downloads now, and my portfolio is growing steadily. It is pretty exciting and I have to admit that I check to see if anyone has purchased any more of my photos from the stock agency several times a day. I have 18 stock images available for purchase and 17 pending review.

I should really be pushing hard to upload my limit every week (30 per week) but it is somewhat hard to think of ideas, and I don't think I'll get the type of shots that I want just walking around, but to be honest out of my 11 sales, two of them were photos that I took while wandering around only because I wanted to upload them.

If all the images now pending are accepted, I'll be 23% of the way to my first goal of a portfolio of 150 images. Hopefully Tracie doesn't get sick of modelling by then. Of course, at the rate I'm going, I'll be back in Canada before that happens and I might be able to convince a few other people back home to model for me.


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