Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Happy Birthday Tracie

It's Tracie's birthday today. Happy Birthday Tracie!

I got here a little wooden kangaroo that hops down hills. We used our cutting board to make a hill for it to hop down. I also got her a sudoku book.

Tracie's loves to do sudoku puzzles. She's like the Rainman only instead of playing black jack or counting toothpicks she plays Sudoku.

Sudoku is a number game. The board is a nine by nine grid, made up of three by three sub-grids. Some of the cells contain seeder numbers called givens. The goal is to fill in the rest of the cells with the correct numbers. The numbers go from one to nine. Each number must appear in each row, column and sub-grid, but may only appear once in each row, column and sub-grid.

Sudoku is a fun game and Tracie is very good at it. She does well at most logic puzzles. (Which baffles me because she seems somewhat illogical a lot of the time.) Tracie can complete the game much more quickly than me and is much more likely to not make irreversible errors. She is so good at the game that she has started timing herself as a way of measuring how well she is doing, because simply completing the puzzle isn't enough because it can be done every time and is only a matter of time before you finish it. Even if you have to resort to a brute force tactic rather than a more elegant logical solution.

Happy Birthday Tracie!



Jeff said...

Happy B-Day to you and to your Mom as well (assume she will see this). Do you feel any older? From the pics. you look great!

Tracie said...

Thanks Jeff. I haven't talked to my mom yet but will call her tomorrow on her birthday. Weird to have the same birthday only mines a day before. Don't really feel older actually...age is becoming less and less significant as the years get on.

Thanks also to Gary for the birthday wish and tribute to sudoku...

Jon said...

Happy Birthday Tracie!

BTW Gary, how did you take the pic with the lights like that?