Friday, May 26, 2006


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Dear Charlie,

I am very sorry about what happened to you last weekend. I feel terrible. If I was there I would give you a big kiss and an even bigger treat. I hope that you are okay. I will be home soon to see you.

Here is a poem I wrote for you.

Oh Charlie, he's my dog
His growl is ferocious like a weed whip
His fur is black and white like an old movie
Oh Charlie, he's my dog

Love Tracie


Jon said...

What happened to Charlie?

Tracie said...

Charlie got mauled. Nearly killed by a German Shepherd last week in the kennel my parents put him in when they were out of town for the weekend. He had to go for surgery and apparently can hardly walk. He has stitches everywhere and THREE drains coming out of him. He's on anitibiotics and painkillers.

I'm so upset I get shaky just talking about it.

Jon said...

That really sucks! What was the kennel doing putting dogs together like that?

Is the kennel taking responsibility and paying for the surgery?

Anonymous said...

The bug dog pulled the chain link fence that was between them up and out of the ground. The kennel paid for all of the surgeries, and when we took him back they kept him inside of the house.

I also have a poem that I wrote. It is not about my dog, even though I do love him. I believe that this was the poem that inspired Tracie to write the Charlie poem.

Oh Alex White
He is a hunk.
His hair is as black as a video.
His skin is as brown as a bear.
oh Alex white.

Ain't that right Trace? Lol. WHOA! Thats me in the picture!!! hahaha I was a dorky little girl!

Well I'm off to watch a movie. Can't wait to see you guys. All my love, Becky.

Tracie said...

And now you're a dorky big girl ;)

That was indeed the poem that inspired my poem.

I would have posted a nicer, bigger photo of just Charlie, but we haven't got internet so I had to go with the only one of him already uploaded.