Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Birthday And Stockphotos

Like Tracie wrote earlier, yesterday was my birthday.

Celanie and Earl emailed me a happy birthday wish on time. The thing I like best about Celanie is that she always remembers my birthday. Last year she told me that she wouldn't be calling on the phone this year because we would be here in Australia. I thought of telling her she could email me, but I wanted to see what would happen. She pulled through with flying colours just like ususal. Practically a Swiss watch that tells birthdays instead of the time.

My Mom and Tracie were the only other ones to say happy birthday on time. My Mom even got us a presant.

I've come up with a new istock goal. I want to get at least one photo per day worth uploading. They say once you have 150 or so photos, you get a lot more downloads.

I'm also going to try for at least one buy request per week, because they pay a lot more than plain stock images.

This photo of the bikes is my most recent attempt. Hopefully some one likes it enough to buy it.



Jeff Milner said...

Is there any rule on Istock that if you are selling it you can't also use it yourself for your webpage?

gary said...

no, there isn't