Thursday, May 25, 2006

Happy Birthday To My Mom and Sydney Life

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Happy birthday to my mom who has the same birthday as me. Or rather I have the same birthday as her.

Here's a photo of her and my dad a few years ago at my sisters wedding. I need to get some new ones uploaded for sure.

I didn't do anything too exciting this year. I worked most of the day and then after work Gary and I went to dinner and then out to the Surry Hills Film Festival which was in the Clock Hotel on Crown Street...not exactly a big production but some of the films were really quite well done. Now it's about bedtime but it's hard to go to sleep early on your own birthday, even if you have only slept about 4 hours per night the past few nights running. Poor me:(

So life here in Sydney is pretty good. I really like the city...there's always heaps to do and life never seems dull, even if it really is. I decided to take a contract at the Prince of Wales hospital in Randwick rather than work agency for my final two months. The plus side is I know where I'm going in advance and when I get there I know what's expected of me. The downside which I've discovered a little too late is that (aside from making less money) I'm stuck in the job. With only 1 1/2 months left here, there are heaps of things I'd like to go and do and see that I might not be able to now that I'm not choosing my own schedule. Like I really want to go to the Whitsunday Islands for example and up to the Great Barrier Reef.... Well, hindsight's 20/20 I guess. A few people have told me that it would be no big deal just to break the contract but I feel guilty entertaining the thought. I committed so I feel like I should see it through.

We spoke with Singapore Airlines the other day who told us that if we want to stopover in Tokyo on the way home it would be no problem and would cost only $200 AUD each, so it looks like I'll have to brush up on my Japanese in the month ahead.

Anyway, time just keeps slipping on by....

So Mutter, Alles Gute zum Geburtstag ! I'll call you in the morning.

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