Monday, May 08, 2006

Happy Birthday Gary

Gary in King's Park
Originally uploaded by Tracie Milner.

Just officially wishing you a belated happy birthday on the blog Gary.

It was Gary's birthday yesterday. We went out for lunch together but otherwise I didn't see him much because he worked overtime. He didn't get home until after 10 pm. What a hard worker, eh ? And on his birthday no less. But no worries. I think he had a good day anyway. He took my Ipod with him to work and he said that made a huge difference to how fast the day went.


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Anonymous said...

Hey Guys! technically here in Canada it's May 8 so we're not late in saying Happy BIrthday Gary! Thanks for the postcards guys, I really love the pictures. Mom and Dad send their love. i've decided when I get married I'm gonna go to Ayer's Rock for my Honeymoon. Ohh how romantic:) LoL just kidding. But I do wanna go there. Well I get to go. Bye Bye