Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Where is Jimmy Hoffa?

Somewhere in the neighborhood of forty years ago a mobster by the name of Jimmy Hoffa disappeared . We've been hearing about it every few months ever since then. What is so compelling about this man that they just won't let it go. Lately they got a tip that he was buried on a particular horse farm, so they spent two weeks tearing the place apart looking for him. I'm surely glad they didn't find him because that would have caused a 'daily'news story that would have lasted for years. They would have had panels of experts giving their opinions on everything, such as whether they think they are really Hoffa's bones, and how do you think they got there, and who do you think did it and why do you think they did it. Then they would put family members on and ask them how they feel about it and so on. Why am I telling you all this. Hell I don't know---it must be very though.

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Jeff Milner said...

I saw this on The Hour the other night. Jimmy Hoffa's body was buried in a junk yard, dug up, placed in the back of a car that got crushed into a nice symetrical cube and shipped off to Asia to be recycled.

To answer the question once and for all, he's now part of a bumper on some random car in Japan.