Monday, February 06, 2006

Magpie Caught

I heard this story from a 13 year-old kid.

He said, ''I found a magpie caught in a fence. It's wing was dislocated and it couldn't get itself free. I used a pair of sissors to get it free. He was stuck in there for quite awhile. After I got him untangled, I popped his wing back into place. He couldn't fly for awhile but soon he flew away. A little while later he flew back and landed at my feet where he gave me the fly from a broken zipper. It was very shiney."

I suspect it was the magpie's prized possession. The moral of the story is be kind to everyone.


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Bob Milner said...

I don't believe this kids story but I know some interesting things about magpies that a lot of people don't know.For instance they can literally speak our language and they can read peoples minds. The part of your story thats the hardest for me to believe is the part about the kid fixing the magpies wing and the magpie being able to fly away right away. Also remember the kid had to use scissors. I assume that he cut quite few feathers to get the bird loose.