Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Life's a Drag

Tracie and I went to see the drag races a couple of weeks ago. There were a few of the top fuelers here, which were spectacular, but unfortunately only about four of them.

They did the quarter mile in under 5 seconds. It blew my mind.

They claim that this is one of the best drag strips in the world because it is so close to sea level and because the air is so dry here.

The facility is very nice, they have two grassy burms for the spectators to sit on instead of bleachers. I imagine that it keeps the noise down a little bit, and prevents accidents like the time Maude Flanders was killed when a t-shirt fired from a t-shirt cannon knocked her off the top row of the bleacher in an episode of "The Simpsons."

-Gary Milner

Ps. Are the love poems from the 14th something romantic enough to make me not the least romantic person in the entire world? Keep in mind the fact that I got up early while Tracie was still asleep to write them. Comment in the comment section.


Tracie said...

Very romantic.

Bob Milner said...
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