Thursday, February 23, 2006

Olympic Hockey and Life's Other Woes

Olympic Hockey
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We lost to Russia. (I guess I'll have to cheer for Finland now!) Not even bronze for Canada's reigning gold medalist hockey team :( Know how I know all this ? Not because these bloody Aussies show any hockey on television, but because I stayed up until nearly 8 in the morning listening to live radio from Vancouver on the internet. Boy...Canadians have THICK accents, eh ?! Quite nice to hear though...I was smiling to myself as I heard words being used that I forgot I haven't heard in a while. Things like, "That was so 'brutal'" and "We were just giv'n'r'!"

Crikey, I recon my rellies and mates back home will sound right strange when I get back.

In other news, I've decided that I need to get in shape. I've downloaded an 18 week marathon training program and I've gone running (Read: "Jogging like an injured koala") every day for the past three days. It's actually not as pittiful as I thought it would be... I can keep up a fair pace for about 30 minutes before I start hurting, and about 45 minutes before I feel like feeding myself to the dingos. My legs are pretty sore, but improving. I haven't signed up for a marathon yet, but I'm thinking of it. I'll give myself a few more weeks before I decide if I can do a full marathon or if I need to sign up for the half. The nice thing about living in Australia is that everyday is a nice day to jog. Even when it's a scorching 40 degrees and humid, going in the evening or early morning is still ok. I'll keep you posted.


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Anonymous said...

How are you Tracie?
Are you getting plenty of nursing hours with an agency? Are there many differences between nursing in Australia compared to Canada?

I've viewed Canadian nurses in action at seminars as part of a quality improvement program (I'd never be able to do the accent though - haha.