Monday, February 13, 2006

Happy Hallmark Day!

Here are some love poems to Tracie, written in the "Becky Style".

Tracie she's a babe!
Her eyes are blue like my camera bag,
Her hair is brown like A&W Root Beer,
Tracie, what a babe!

Tracie she's a babe!
Her skin is soft like hand lotion,
Her jokes are funny like a dog wearing boots,
Tracie, what a babe!

Tracie she's a babe!
She likes to sleep in like a cat,
Her smile is nice like a chocolate bar,
Tracie what a babe!

Tracie she's a babe!
Her love is better than ice cream,
She's better than anything else that I've tried,
Tracie she's a babe!

I love Tracie!


Tracie said...

No more rhyming now, I mean it.

gary said...

Anybody want a peanut?

Becky said...

Hey Becky, you're so fine
you're so fine
you blow my mind
hey Becky!

ok i totally cant believe you used the becky style of writing, and since you liked it so much...PATENT PENDING! MUAHAHAHAHA you soooo totally owe me tracie! even tho you are a babe its still all me! and to show you how much i love you, here is as much as i can remember of the poem....(name has been changed)

oh alex blue
he is a hunk
his hair is as black as a video
his skin is as brown as a bear

yeah i think thats all i can remember. but hey i have a life so i got to go. LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!

Tracie said...

you're hilarious beck!