Sunday, February 12, 2006

Hockey Time

lord stanley's cup
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Ice Hockey, that is.

When you talk about hockey with an Australian, you have to specify that you are refering to ice hockey. If in your discussion you forget to specify this and the Aussie - detecting your Canadian accent - asks if you are refering to ice hockey, try to resist replying "Is there any other kind?". I've made this mistake a few times, only to be told each time by a bloke with a straight face that I could have been talking about field hockey.

Field Hockey?? Are you kidding me??

Field hockey is field hockey, hockey is hockey.

I feel sorry for Australians when it comes to sports...I really do.

Now that the winter Olympics have started, I find myself more than ever missing my home country. As I was watching the opening ceremonies of the olympics last night, I noticed that the cameras panned slowly over the Australian team, discussing each member briefly, and then quickly scanned over the rest of the teams. I caught a quick glance at the Canadian flag but that was it. No mention of the Canadians, when they would be playing, who to watch for or anything. In fact, beyond what I just said, the Australians didn't get much more coverage either. They quickly cut from the olympic opening ceremony to tennis doubles on one channel and cricket on another.

Cricket and Tennis? I'd rather watch curling any day.

I think they just don't care about winter olympics. Weirdos.

I looked up the ICE hockey schedule for the coming weeks, and I'm really excited to cheer on my country. I only hope the ICE hockey games aren't preempted by re-runs of Home and Away or The Alice.

Oh, Canada.
I miss you, eh?


Jeff said...

I got to see the first 2 periods of the Canadian Women vs. Italy. What an impressive performance. What is up with the no checking rule though?? Some of the things they called as penalties really sucked!

Bob Milner said...

On behalf of Canada, we miss you too eh.

Tracie said...

Couldn't tell you, Jeff...I never watched. I only hope I get to see at least one game.

Preferably the one against the US. All the others are pretty one sided.

Becky said...

my bet with hockey, oh sorry ICE hockey, is Canada and USA gold medal round, Canada wins it with Bertuzzi scoring in the last few seconds making it 3-2 Canada.. WHOA!!! haha man in the Jr. World cup i was watching the championship game Canada and Russia, Russia was bragging about how bad they were gonna beat Canada, and we fricking won 5-0!! hahaha i bet that and i totally win...i bet a lot maybe i should stop? ps I LOVE YOU EH?

Tracie said...

I guess I have to eat my words on the one-sidedness of the games, since we lost 2 out of 4! Yikes.

How do I know, you ask? Because I chekced the scores on the internet. They don't show the games here at all. Not on tv and not in any sports pubs.

Cricket anyone?