Saturday, February 11, 2006

People are funny

There's a movie showing in theatres called "Brokeback mountain. I wouldn't go within a mile of it myself and I advise you to avoid it at all costs as well because of it's filthy content. That fact notwithstanding I have read that the beautiful background scenery in it would just about melt your heart. The story took place in the State of Wyoming. However---the movie was filmed in Canada. Droves of people have been phoning to find out where it was filmed so that they when they take their holidays they can go there to enjoy the scenery first hand. Somehow, when they hear it was filmed in Canada, they let it go in one ear and out the other and say well, "we're heading for Wyoming this summer. Figure that one out.

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Tracie said...

One of my students last year was an extra in that movie.

I remember that I was really interested when he told me he would be an extra in a movie. I asked him what it was about to which he replied "It's a gay cowboy movie"

I laughed, of course, but this year when that movie came out I realised he wasn't joking. I'm going to have to watch it to look out for him.