Sunday, February 12, 2006

Attacked by Sharks

Tracie and I were at a beach towards the north end of the Perth suburbs when were were viciously attacked by a pair of sharks hiding in the waves. They looked just like this only, bigger with more teeth and hiding in the waves.

I was about waist deep in the water when I saw them about 30 feet away. I shouted to Tracie, "Look at that!"

She was only about knee deep, and we both high tailed it out of the water. It turns out that they weren't really sharks, only a pair of dolphins, but it gave us a little scare especially since there is a beach on the south end of town that has been closed because of a herd of about six sharks that have been hanging around.

The police have been patroling down there to make sure no one goes into the water. It's not a popular tourist beach down there, they use it mostly as an exercise beach for horses to go in the water and for people to walk their dogs.

The thought of sharks in the area has been in the back of my mind for the last few days.



Tracie said...

Gary, you made this sound like a bad story. The truth is that we were out in the beautiful sun yesterday afternoon with a whole glorious white sandy beach to ourselves. Just when things couldn't get any better, a couple of dolphins came up and swam right next to us.

It was a bit scary seeing their fins before seeing the rest of them though. Dolphins can look an awful lot like sharks when you're thinking their sharks.

Becky said...