Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Journalists Are Weird

When President Clinton got into trouble with Monika Lewsinski, the news media accused him of being a bad example to the kids of America. It never seemed to occur to them that it was themselves who were spreading the news in graffic detail to anyone who would listen. And they harped on it for years.

Now, Vice President Dick Cheney has had shooting accident. The news media thinks that the real story doesn't concern the shooting incident itself but the fact that Cheney didn't immediately report the incident to the news media. They're absolutey outraged and they just won't let it rest. They demand over and over again to have an explaination of why Cheney didn't publically announce that he had an accident.

Well here's the answer my friends to all you people who don't understand why he didn't go to the media. You must be kind of dumb so I'll explain in the form of an analogy. Imagine for a minute that it was yourself that accidently shot someone. Would you immediately run to the phone and shout the news to the world or would you just quietly let the news take care of itself and maybe hope for a miracle that it wouldn't be a big news story. That's what I would have done and so would you.

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