Saturday, August 09, 2003


While we were in Waterton, a fancy boat caught on fire out in the middle of Waterton lake. It caught fire while a guy was taking his three year old grandchild out for a boat ride. They both put on their life jackets but the three year old refused to abandon ship so the grandfather thought he would just jump in the water and coax the kid to jump to him. But surprise, surprise, the kid still wouldnt jump and it was impossible to climb back into the boat. Oh and I forgot to mention the kid was also busily taking off his life jacket. Other boaters saw the smoke and went to the rescue and rescued them both. A boat from the marina came and put out the fire and towed the boat almost back to the dock where it sank and went to the bottom. A crane came and pulled it off the bottom and onto the docks. We saw the boat after but it was covered with a tarp and we couldn't see the extent of the damage.

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