Thursday, August 21, 2003

Landscaping is a Dangerous Job

Here's a story about borrowing a bobcat to do a little job on the side.

I work for a subcontractor who works for a landscaping company. The landscaping company lets my boss use their bricksaw, tamper and bobcat. Sometimes my boss has little landscaping jobs on the side. We use the bricksaw and tamper without batting an eye. Sometimes however, we borrow the bobcat, which is a bit bigger deal since bobcats cost $60,000 and because the landscaping company doesn't keep good care of it's bobcat trailer.

We were flying down the Deerfoot in my boss's truck pulling the bobcat, when a lady frantically signals us to pull over. One of the tires is completely flat, and the other one was almost flat. We continued on our way to the job site, when not two blocks later, the tire blew out. Luckily for us we were driving very slowly. Having a blowout with the bobcat on the trailer going 100km/h would have certainly flipped the truck.

Now we are stuck far away from the site where we are supposed to be working with the bobcat which we don't have permission to take on to a side job. We got the cat off the trailer and took it to Fountain Tire to have it fixed. The tire cost $200, but at least they had it fixed in less than 20 minutes. My boss was really worried about what he was going to tell his boss, but it seems to have worked itself out.

Needless to say our morning was shot.

Truckers are Crazy

My boss and I were stopped at a light when we heard a honk. I looked to see who was honking. It was a big rig behind us. To make a long story medium length, the trucker was mad at something. We still don't know what. He went into the other lane, and then proceeded to cut us off. My boss slammed on his breaks as the crazy trucker. The big rig missed our truck by no more than one foot. It's the closest I've ever been cut off.

What could that jackace been thinking? What would he have done if he had hit our truck? My boss pulled up beside him and gave him the finger several times over the next few blocks. We regret not getting the phone number off the side of the truck and then calling the transport company, but we didn't think of it in time.

-Gary Milner Internet Superstar

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