Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Back Online, Baby!

Considering the fact that I hardly ever talk on the phone and that I spend about 15 minutes tops each day on the internet, I'm surprised to find myself so happy to finally be connected to the outside world. We were supposed to have everything hooked up on the first, but Telus let us down and has only in the last hour come to fix our connections. I would have switched from Telus to Sprint Canada, seeing as they are now offering regular home service, but, you know, I couldn't call them.

Visit and Party Plans

Gary and I also had a lot of fun visiting our families in Medicine Hat. We were glad to get home to start unpacking, although we haven't finished yet as I had hoped we would have by now. So Jeff, are we really going to have the party on the 22nd or 23rd? If you have to work and if everyone wants to rush off the the Scott guy's (Miles??) wedding maybe it won't be a good weekend. Everyone will have to post and give their opinion. We really would like to have everyone over. I'm excited to show off our new house, even though it's filled with our same crappy stuff. Gary doesn't know this yet, but effective immediately there will be a standing offer for anyone reading this blog (that we like) to visit us or stay with us whenever they want. Come this weekend if you want to! Just remember that we still haven't got a spare bed, so you may want to bring a foamy or something.

NB: I work every other weekend unitl school starts in September, this coming weekend being my weekend off!

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