Thursday, August 14, 2003

Being An Internet Superstar

As many of you know, I have recently become an internet superstar according to I can't really say that this has changed my life very much so far. I'm still not that easy to recognise. I think that it may just take a little while for me to become, Gary Milner Really Big Internet Superstar.

I think this will change my life by making me richer, happier, and more famous. I think that I will still be just as nice to the little people (that's alll of you,) as I was before. I don't think that my new-found fame and fortune will change me for the worse.

Being Voted the 3rd Sexiest Man In Calgary by a Jury of Our Peers

My friend James, (there's a link to his blog on the left of the screen,) was voted the 3rd sexiest man in Calgary by the readers of another weekly newpaper in town. He was beaten by Darr MaqBool, a tv weatherman from India and Dave Kelly a morning talkshow host. I think James was able to get 30 or so votes, which is quite good considering that you had to answer at least 25 questions for the survey to be valid.

-Gary Milner, Internet Superstar

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