Monday, March 27, 2006

Vote for Megan

Megan and Dann
Originally uploaded by Tracie Milner.
My sister and her husband are finalists in a home kitchen makeover contest valued at $50,000 CAD. She has instructed me in no uncertain terms to make sure I vote for her and to rally votes on her behalf.

From what I know about the contest, it was open to all residents of Medicine Hat. Megan sent in photos of their kitchen along with a letter saying why they feel they deserve to win the contest. Her and Dann are in the final three, and they could really use the prize. They have an old house and two young kids and $50,000 renovations would be huge.

Voting begins at 6:30 pm Mountain Standard Time (Alberta time), just after the 6 o'clock news announces the three finalists. Apparently you can only vote once from each computer and voting is only open for 12 hours. Here's the address: #3 The Liske Family From there, follow the contest link.

It will either be under their names (Megan and Dann Liske) or else it's the old pink kitchen in the photos.

Good luck Megan and Dann. I hope you win !!

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