Sunday, March 19, 2006

My First Sale

I made my first stock photo sale two days ago. It was a photo just like this one.

In the other photo, the can is closer to the camera and I had to get rid of the Jim Beam logo and writing. It looked like a plain white can on the beach.

Needless to say, I am pretty excited about this. I have been searching the forumns at and they say that if you have 200-250 non-people photos you will get regular sales every day. They say that with mostly people photos, you only need 100-150 photos to have sales everyday.

I just need to think of a reasonable way to get people to sign a model release after I take their photo. With out paying them, of course.

-Gary Milner


Jon said...

How much is an average sale? Maybe Rea can get into it. :-)

gary said...

I signed up with, when someone downloads one of your photos, you get anywhere between .20 and 8.00 depending on the size of the photo. They wanted a small copy of my photo, so I only got paid .20. You also have the option of shooting something someone has requested specifically, which pays 12.50+, but then you are competing against whoever else wants to go for it and may not get sale.

Jackie Hutchinson said...

Sweet, congratulations on your first sale!