Sunday, March 26, 2006

Surfers in Margaret river

They are having a pro-surfing contest in Margaret River, about four hours South of Perth.

200+ pro-surfers will be coming to compete. While I am interested in going to see the contest. I'm not intrested enough to rent a car for a couple of hundred bucks to go down there.

I'm sure some of the tricks would be pretty amazing, especially considering the size of some of the waves, but it just isn't worth it.

When we went down there a couple of weeks ago, I bodyboarded on some of the waves like the one in this photo and let me tell you that a six to eight foot wave is a lot faster and more powerful than you might imagine.

It takes a real effort just to get out to the wave and then you have to be really careful when you are riding to not catch an edge and get tumbled really hard.

Even dropping the nose just enough to cause water to spray into your face is pretty bad when you are moving that fast. It seems to spray right into your nose just about every time. Almost always a second before you get crushed by the wave and so you don't even have time to prepare for it.

-Gary Milner

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