Thursday, March 30, 2006

$50,000 Dream Kitchen Make Over

My Sister-in-Law is a finalist for a $50,000 kitchen make over. They could really use your vote on Friday, March 31, 2006 after 6:30pm. Please vote in the dream kitchen contest.

Like many young families Megan and Dan Liske are strugglng to make ends meet. Dan, a self-employed massage therapist, works days so Megan can stay home with the kids. On his return Megan then heads out to teach fitness classes in the evening. To say they lead busy lives is an understatement. When they bought their home they had hoped to do some renovations with the help of Dan's father who is a carpenter. However, their fortunes turned when his father was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. Following an operation, chemo, and radiation treatments he was obviously unfit to continue the renovations. Their bright pink kicthen is in need of a facelift and they hope to be the recipients of the Dream Kitchen Makeover.

vote for #3 The Liske Family.

-Gary Milner

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