Friday, June 24, 2005

Victoria Continued

Victoria Harbour
The next day Tracie's uncles and aunts arrived and we went on a walk around Victoria harbour. This is a view of the harbour from the legislature grounds. That's the Empress Hotel on the right hand side of the photo. I really like my new camera. This is the first night panoramma that I have made with it. It's good because you can set the it manually so that you get the same exposure for each photo with out worrying about it changing due to street lights or other misc. reasons.
Harbour Flowerbed
We wandered around and watched the street performers do their acts for a long while. I really enjoyed myself. I found myself wishing that there was something like that back home in Calgary.
I'm pretty sure that there is pretty much only one main street performer in Calgary, Dan the one man band. There are a few others too I guess, but they don't group in such a small area, and they don't really draw crowds.

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